About C&S Homes


A local family business, C&S Homes, specializes in buying properties, month-in and month-out (for over 12 years) in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Everyone in our company is committed to our Core Values (see them below) and believes in providing exceptional service, fair dealing and quick turnaround for each and every customer.

Our Core Purpose is to buy properties in a fair, simple, no hassle way from people who have to sell properties.

We aren’t real estate agents or affiliated with any real estate agency, but our highly qualified team is dedicated to helping homeowners sell their property for cash, at a fair price, and quickly. Our streamlined process will take the stress out of selling your property.

Our Core Values

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We are honest.

We demonstrate our honesty by the way we represent the company’s best interest- paying our bills on time, being fair and reasonable, admitting our mistakes, not blaming others, accepting responsibility and accountability, not lying, and bringing resolution to conflict.

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We work hard.

Our hard work is demonstrated by the way we complete our tasks on time, pay attention to detail and ramifications, thinking of the next step, and working responsibility.

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We communicate.

Our clear communication is demonstrated by our intentionality, returning emails in a timely manner, answering phone calls, communicating clearly and concisely, following up, and returning voicemails and missed calls promptly.

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We are kind.

Our kindness is demonstrated by the way we donate more than 10% of our income, refrain from sarcasm, show courtesy, show patience, refrain from cursing, refrain from being mean, refrain from being sharp, and not being revengeful.

Meet the Team

Colm and Suzi McCormack

Colm McCormack serves the customers of C&S Homes by overseeing the sales and expansion of the company. He’s bought 100s of houses and understands what it takes to meet the needs of sellers. Colm is honored to be Suzi’s husband and loves being dad to 4 fantastic sons. Outside of work, Colm enjoys sailing, scuba diving (both of which are hard to do in CO!), hunting, camping and summiting 14’ers.

Suzi McCormack serves the customers of C&S Homes by collaborating with Colm in creating company vision, values and direction that ensures the growth of C&S Homes. She also oversees the hiring of personnel and long term financial growth decisions. Suzi loves being married to Colm and raising their four sons together. When not working for C&S Homes, she enjoys teaching a woman’s Bible study, hiking with her family, camping in Colorado and taking walks with the family dog, Murphy.


Jaime Klungtvedt

Jaime Klungtvedt serves the customers of C&S Homes by helping make the process of buying and selling their properties as smooth and hassle free as possible. As the Office Coordinator, she is the point of contact for communication and paperwork between the title company, office and buyers/sellers. She pays attention to detail, meets deadlines and works hard to ensure each closing happens seamlessly. When not working for C&S Homes, Jaime enjoys spending time with her family, specifically adventuring around Colorado with her husband Ben and their pug, Holly.